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Station Manager

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Station Manager

\"I put all three prices on there, except the diesel. The last one kind of didn't go. So, I just took responsibility for it and said yeah, it's my fault,\" Szczecina said, ABC News Fresno station KFSN reported.

In addition to administering the operations of gas stations, gas station managers must ensure that safety and security protocols are met by customers and employees, and that fuel prices are set correctly each day according to market conditions, to beat competitors and to meet management requirements.

No matter the size of your station or the products/services you offer, your gas station managers are responsible for the entire operation running smoothly and ensuring the needs of customers and employees are met.

You can use this gas station manager job description to help you create a job description for the next gas station manager job opening you have or to help you more clearly define the role of an existing manager.

Some gas station managers are paid bonuses for meeting sales, safety and other performance benchmarks. Some gas station managers are also given commission for sales of certain items or for total sales at their convenience stores.

Remember to consider what makes your gas station different from others (products sold, customers, location, etc.) when creating your own gas station job description and when reviewing any gas station job description resume you receive from applicants.

The gas station manager is expected to source and market convenience store merchandise, manage relationships with souvenir vendors, ensure consistent food service quality, improve employee productivity/customer service, maintain and increase revenue, create and manage expenses according inventory/payroll budgets and ensure positive customer experiences at all times.

Gas station manager duties ensure the continuous and compliant operation of their station, and range from for ensuring high qualities of customer service to continuous compliance with company, local, state and federal requirements for gas stations.

When you create your own gas station manager job description, remember to list requirements that are unique to your gas station, as well as requirements that would be true of any gas station manager.

Station Managers assist, manage and develop station crew team members to ensure a differentiated and quality customer service experience for passengers. Managers monitor day to day performance of the station in order to ensure customer service, accurate and timely execution of all process and procedures and maintain the highest level of quality. Managers are responsible for keeping all station facilities, equipment and activities in compliance with applicable Federal, State, local and Airport regulations, policies and procedures and may need to become acquainted with local business and civic leaders and participate in community activities.Station managers evaluate and audit work processes to ensure adherence to process standards and avoidance of wasted company resources.Managers must demonstrate knowledge of government regulations, company policies and procedures including, but not limited to: dangerous goods acceptance and handling, proper aircraft loading, flight security procedures, safety incident/hazard reporting.

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Several hours passed before anyone fixed the mistake. In the meantime, customers flocked to the station to capitalize on the unintentional deal, costing the establishment $16,000 before the error was corrected.

A California gas station manager is reportedly out of a job this week after accidentally charging customers just 69 cents p

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