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Baixar Evil Nun The Broken Mask

The Player has to find the Grail and place it on the table in the Secret Bunker. If the Player gets this chapter, then the planks will fall down, therefore, giving access to the cemetery. Also, the drawer will release the Safe Key. Two statues at the sides of the entrance will tell the time, in which the Player has to set on the clock to open it. It will reveal a stone that is need to unlock the shed (in lack of a better term). Then, the Player will have to unlock the drawer in one of the classrooms on the first floor using a passcode. If done correctly, the drawer will open, and another stone will be revealed. The final stone is in one of the tombs. To do this, the Player must get the Shovel (it is usually in the Devil Room or the Garage) and dig up the tombs. If the final one is revealed, then all three stones must be placed on the Shed's door, and the Safe Key must be used to unlock the Safe, which contains a mask piece. Then the Player must place it on the Mysterious Mold.

Baixar Evil Nun The Broken Mask


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