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You can install the latest version of Smart Viewer here. You can also get the same from the link given above. Please note the this device is only being sold by Samsung and is not available from anywhere else in the world. The details about this device have been listed above. This device is also listed under "List of Samsung Internet supported Internet devices". When you visit Samsung's page you will find that this device is well supported with the latest versions of Internet Explorer.

Make sure your PC/MAC OS version is latest and the version of internet explorer is not old. The latest version of internet explorer is IE11. As of 2017, the latest version of IE is IE11. You can download IE11 from here. To install it, follow the instructions given above. You also need to install the IE plugins (like Google Chrome/Firefox) (Chrome plug-in also works but Firefox plug-in doesn't).

I have tested the web viewer on my Samsung NPF21A and NPF21A PLUS. From my experience and check, it works well even on the 11th version of Internet Explorer (IE 11). The user interface used is different from the previous version. This version is based on the Android and uses the Android default UI. There are some changes but nothing surprising. d2c66b5586

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