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Sims 4 President Mod


Sims 4 President Mod

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How to Become the President in Sims 4

If you have ever dreamed of running for the highest office in the land, you might be interested in trying out the Sims 4 president mod. This mod allows you to create a custom career path that leads you from being an intern to becoming the president of SimNation. You will have to deal with various challenges and opportunities along the way, such as lobbying, campaigning, passing legislation, and making executive orders.

There are two main versions of the Sims 4 president mod: one by Sims_Lover and one by KiaraSims4Mods. Both mods require some additional packs and mods to work properly, such as City Living, Discover University, Get Famous, Get To Work, Basementalâs Venue List, XML Injector, and Democrat, Independent or Republican Traits. You can find the download links and installation instructions for each mod on their respective websites[^1^] [^2^].

The Sims 4 president mod by Sims_Lover has eight career levels: Intern, Legislative Aide, Policy Analyst, Lobbyist, Governor, Senator, Run for President, and President. Each level has different tasks and objectives that you need to complete to advance. For example, as an intern, you need to research political issues and write reports; as a lobbyist, you need to collect donations and secure votes; and as a president, you need to sign or veto bills and establish cabinet members.

The Sims 4 president mod by KiaraSims4Mods has a similar structure but with more details and interactions. It also has an active career option that lets you visit different venues depending on your level. For example, as a city council member, you can go to city hall; as a governor, you can go to the governorâs mansion; and as a national leader, you can go to the Sim House. You can also use your computer or phone to perform various actions related to your career, such as managing your website, reviewing budgets, writing legislation, or issuing executive orders.

Both mods also add some new skills and fame levels that are relevant to your political career. You will need to improve your charisma and research and debate skills to succeed in your job. You will also gain fame as you climb up the ladder of power. You can become a global superstar if you reach the national leader level.

The Sims 4 president mod is a fun and challenging way to explore the world of politics in your game. You can create your own political persona and make important decisions that affect the lives of your fellow sims. Whether you want to be a benevolent leader or a corrupt tyrant, the choice is yours.Here is a possible continuation of the article with html formatting for the keyword "sims 4 president mod":

If you are wondering how the Sims 4 president mod works in practice, you can check out some reviews and videos from other simmers who have tried it out. For example, SwizzyIV has a YouTube video where he shows how he created his sim president and what he did on his first day at work[^3^]. He also shares his thoughts and opinions on the mod and its features.

Some of the pros and cons of the Sims 4 president mod that he mentions are:


The mod is very immersive and realistic. You can feel like you are actually running a country and making important decisions.

The mod adds a lot of new interactions and options that are related to your political career. You can debate, lobby, campaign, legislate, and more.

The mod is compatible with other mods and packs that enhance your gameplay. For example, you can use the Slice of Life mod to add more emotions and traits to your sim, or the Eco Lifestyle pack to add more environmental issues and solutions.


The mod can be very challenging and stressful. You have to deal with a lot of pressure and expectations from your constituents, your opponents, and your allies.

The mod can be very time-consu

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