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Chariton Ustinov
Chariton Ustinov

Trans Sexuals Cumming !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Impotence, a troubled past, not being 100% comfortable being with a trans woman, are all elements that perhaps sometimes mar the idealistic, unrealistic sex I desire.

trans sexuals cumming

Relationships and an MtF sex life need nurturing for both people to be happy, whatever stage of life you are at; whether you consider yourself as fully transitioned, as transitioned as you are ever going to be or whether you have a longer journey ahead.

For some, breeding fetish may be more about role-play and fantasy, and partners engaging in it will use contraception. But for many, breeding fetish involves the exchange of body fluids, so partners risk getting STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) in addition to a potentially unwanted pregnancy.

Fortunately, a recent abstract by Garcia & Zaliznyak (2020) offers self-reported information from trans women on many of the specific sexual changes we often experience, such as the timing of orgasms, the qualitative changes in orgasm, alterations in body sensations, and how soon these typically occur after starting HRT.

The authors, working at the Division of Urology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and the Cedars-Sinai Transgender Surgery and Health Program, surveyed 126 trans women on changes in their sexual experience during solo sexual activity; 70 had not received any genital surgery, 26 had received vaginoplasty, 15 had received only an orchiectomy, and 8 had received vaginoplasty without the construction of a vaginal canal. Those with no genital surgery were the youngest with an average age of 35.9, followed by those who received vaginoplasty; trans women who had vaginoplasty without a vaginal canal were the oldest at an average of 52.4 years.

Difficulty with achieving orgasm while on HRT is frequently reported by trans women, and this study reflected that. Trans women without any genital surgery reported that their time to reach orgasm increased by an average of 7 minutes, with this change occurring after an average of 7.3 months of hormone therapy. However, those who had undergone vaginoplasty reported an increase of only 2.7 minutes to reach orgasm after 7.4 months, while those whose vaginoplasty did not include a vaginal canal notably reported waiting an average of 17.3 months on HRT before experiencing this change.

Trans women have often described orgasms increasing in their duration or intensity after starting HRT. Among trans women with no genital surgery, orgasms were described as becoming an average of 27.5 seconds longer after 9.4 months; similarly, those who had undergone vaginoplasty experienced an increase in length of orgasm of 24 seconds after an average of 5.1 months. 71% of those with no genital surgery stated that they experienced an increase in overall sexual satisfaction after 7.7 months of HRT, as did 77% of those who underwent vaginoplasty after an average of 7.3 months.

Specific physical changes in what an orgasm feels like have also been reported by many trans women, with this typically being described as shifting from genitally-focused to more fully embodied. A majority of trans women in this study reported experiencing these changes: 70% of those with no genital surgery said that they now experienced orgasms as felt in new or additional parts of their body after an average of 11.1 months of HRT, while 71% of those who underwent vaginoplasty also reported this change after an average of 9 months. Additionally, 65% of trans women with no genital surgery stated that their orgasms shifted from a singular peak to multiple peaks, after an average of 9.9 months of HRT, and 52% of those who underwent vaginoplasty reported experiencing this change after an average of 7.1 months. 041b061a72

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