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Chariton Ustinov
Chariton Ustinov

Aselia The Eternal Pc Trainer

I already finished the game once but when i played for 2nd time the choice from the previous route affect the 2nd game.. As an example for 1st game i on aselia route then 2nd game i on esperia route but i achieve aselia ending..So anyone please help me..

Aselia the eternal pc trainer

I had the very same problem, even though I was using AppLocale so I could see the Japanese name displayed perfectly but for some reason the installer was completely unable to find aseliacs.exe. To fix it, I simply renamed the installation folder to EienNoAselia and everything went smoothly. It seems that even if you use AppLocale the English patch installer has problems with folders named in Japanese so you just need to change that. 350c69d7ab

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