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James Bartan
James Bartan

Polly 2 Sets 1 Vid


Polly 2 Sets 1 Vid

The quick polly allows you to input the polly question and options directly in the chat, without opening the polly builder. You can use any of the following formats, if you decide not to click on the quick polly option (which pre-populates it for you):

There is a maximum of 50 questions for multiple-question pollys. You also have the option of making the question Required for response. If you un-check the Required box then the answering of that question defaults to optional i.e. respondents can submit a polly response without answering this particular question.

While creating a polly, you can see a Preview on the right side of the creating window. This preview will show you how the polly will appear in the channel/DM for which you want it sent. You can interact with the Preview (during polly creation) just like a respondent who will receive the polly. 781b155fdc

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