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Tomtom Middle East Apk


Tomtom Middle East Apk

Some places were misspelled, were displayed with the wrong name, or were missing entirely.[9][12] Examples of those mistakes included the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, which was incorrectly spelled as "Kylv", the Welsh town Pontypridd, whose label was shown 6 miles (10 kilometres) northeast of its actual location, and the English town Stratford-upon-Avon, which was missing altogether in Apple Maps. Also, when users looked up "London," they were directed to the Canadian city London, Ontario, instead of its namesake, the capital of the United Kingdom.[12] Many complained about outdated or inaccurate data about companies and places of interest. For example, in the United Kingdom, chains that no longer exist were still on the maps, and large stores were accidentally mapped in backyards.[26] Furthermore, in the United States, the label of the Willis Tower was displayed in the wrong location.[12] Apple Maps was sometimes inadequate to find companies or other points of interest at all.[26] For instance, the London train and underground station Paddington and Tokyo Station were missing, and the Helsinki Central railway station was shown as a park.[11][12] Also, parks were occasionally displayed as airports.[9]

On several occasions, government authorities and politicians warned citizens of errors with Apple Maps. In early December 2012, the police department of the Australian city Mildura alerted people who planned to reach the city using Apple Maps, because Mildura was shown in the middle of Murray-Sunset National Park, 40 miles (64 kilometres) from its actual location. The police department stated that the error was potentially life-threatening, as national park temperatures could rise to 114 F (46 C) and those traveling would be without water supplies. The police rescued at least four people, one of whom was stranded for 24 hours. After that, the police department tried to contact Apple to solve the problem. Apple fixed the error in December 2012.[105][106][107] Alan Shatter, the Minister for Justice and Equality and Minister of Defense of Ireland at the time, issued a warning because of a mistake in Apple Maps: a non-existent airport was shown near the Irish capital Dublin. This location was in reality a public farm called "Airfield." Shatter wrote in his statement that the mistake was dangerous because a pilot could try to make an emergency landing there.[108]

Internet access is needed for the Reverse Geocoding Macro to query TomTom's Reverse Geocoding API. Additionally, the issue could be the result of strict firewalls or proxy and your IT department needs to whitelist 1e1e36bf2d

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