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Chariton Ustinov
Chariton Ustinov

Where To Buy Iope Air Cushion

My new verdict is that this is a moisturising and hydrating formula with a dewy finish. However, it is still not suited for very dry skin and there is only so much a bb cushion can do (and it could not save that desert condition of mine)

where to buy iope air cushion

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Hi. Nice review. I've try iope code 23 too but it seems that its too light for me. My face becomes whiter than my skin. Lol , btw may i know how you make payments when u buy on ? I dont think that we can pay via atm ? Huhu btw im from malaysia too :)

Hello Alin! Thanks for reading my review. If the cushion happened to be light, maybe you can do a little bit of contouring? The trick works on me everytime, xpun set your face with darker compact powder. :DI'm using MOLPay via maybank2u whenever I do my online purchase. Sekarang MOLPay dah ada option bayar kat 7E, not sure if althea accept that kind of payment but Hermo definitely can. :)

During a recent trip to my local Korean market, I picked up IOPE Air Cushion XP Foundation. Taunted as the best-selling foundation in Korea (1 sold every 30 seconds), it was the original air cushion foundation that sparked off the craze a few years ago. New to cushion foundations? Read on to find out how they work and why they are so great!IOPE Air Cushion XP Foundation Review

Even with a sheer layer, the amino acid coating powder helps cover up any skin imperfections that you may have. Meanwhile, its oil- and moisture-control properties prevent the cushion from darkening, smudging, and separating.

Hi there! I stumbled upon your site (love it) while researching BB Cushions, and it appears you are an aficionado! My question is shade related, I got the Etude House Cushion in N02 and it is still too dark ( I am the color of paper). What cushion in your opinion has the lightest shade?

Great review as usual. I was looking for a review for IOPE cushion and since I believe we have quite similar skin tone (from meeting you to purchase the item :p) I came back quite often. Good that I heard the good review from you and am not regretting my purchase of this cushion (and the shade) as you know sometimes english description on online website really CMI. thanks for the review! ?

Hi ! ^^ Thank you for your review! i am looking for a good cushion and i thought of getting myself the laniege one, but now I totally drop the idea of getting laniege BB cushion as you said its slightly more sticky than this IOPE ? thanks to beautifulbuns, i get to know a lot more cushion as i read all your cushion review ? 041b061a72

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