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my friend likes this video, and i thought i would show it to you guys as well. I like this video alot because the girl is very outgoing and trusting. These are the two qualities that can make or break a relationship. Thinking that they can have what they want and need, in the end you will just feel hurt and feel like you did something wrong for you to lose the love of your life. But in this video every thing will be alright. trust me it will be ok, only you can make it all right for the other person. Take a look at the video

We have a life...a beautiful life but more than that we have a relationship. Its tough to actually do it you have to know each other well enough to begin the relationship and I mean really get to know. The tough part is getting to know each other over the first few years you are together because you both have a tendency to say things and show things....say the most favourate things about each other. I know it always kills me very know where you said...hand...ohhh you said. Wow. what the hell was that about! Yes I grabbed your hand. Maybe that was a little premature but I did it anyway. Sometimes you have to just say things and know that you have to process them. Listening to music is one way to help you process things. I listen to a lot of music to help get my thoughts out. I know we say we love each other but we are not right in front of each other...we are in separate places. I know this is no excuse but this is where the relationship is taking place.

I love this video, because this guys going to tell his girlfriend that he loves her. Even though you think that it takes a lot of guts to do that on camera. its not thats video and he is going through with it. He is just being honest telling the truth and he is not trying to really get anything. He is just having a love for his girlfriend. Some relationships never work out but you can still have a good relationship.

As of midnight October 30th 2015 no response from Oliver Jowett but should someone wish to update the code, it should be in Google's repository. The source code of the RS-1 is released in the firmware and that's the part that I figure is the least likely to change. Thus I think the software should be downwardly compatible with the hardware. d2c66b5586

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