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Lions Of Kandahar: The Story Of A Fight Against All Odds Download [UPDATED].zip


There really is not a lot to say either for or against this book in terms of convincing a potential reader of it's literary value. To put things simply I quite enjoyed the book. If you are interested in military history, have been in the military, or have family in the military you will likely enjoy this book. The story begins with an explanation of the life of Marcus Luttrell the Lone Survivor in his life leading up to his military career. Growing up in Texas, aspiring to be a SEAL, family, and life. The next progression in the story goes into BUDs training and a whole lot of bravado. I will give it to the author that it is well warranted bravado, however, many more liberal individuals may find it difficult to swallow. I admittedly take a stance somewhere in the middle and I still found the Texas is the best and our President is a brilliant man who could never be wrong overtones to be a bit unbearable at times. It is the typical military ooh rah types of things that are beaten into your head from the start and therefore are necessary to tell this type of story effectively. Another thing I found to be a turn of were various instances where the author attempts to come off as a simple and humble individual. There are remarks toward just being a simple Christian at heart when it comes to choosing the course of action that dooms the team. I found these obvious and forced attempts at being humble to be worse than arrogance. This was ridiculous considering the scope of training of these often self-admittedly trained killers who's credibility is in being hard. Mr. Luttrell does nonetheless try a time or two, to make himself out to be just a simple Christian from Texas caught in a horrible situation at no fault of his own and trying to survive. The obviously purposeful contradictions are forced and seem to show that the author himself doesn't even believe them enough to make them sound true. This is the one issue I take with the telling of the story. The simple fact of the matter is that this book is not intended to be a literary work of art. This is a true story how it is remembered by the only survivor of a team of highly trained professionals who exhibit unwaivering valor in the face of overwhelming odds. Men willing to go head on into battle without a second thought and fully willing to die for a brother in arms. The bravery deserves commending and the survival of even one man given the odds is astounding. I did enjoy the book and would recommend it to those who fit my previous description. I fear that anybody else would likely just become too irritated with the issues I listed to enjoy the meat of the story. 153554b96e

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