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Stores To Buy Phones

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Amazon is one of the best sources if you're looking for unlocked cell phones. Most major manufacturers have unlocked models of their devices, meaning you can use the phone on all major U.S. carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile/Sprint, and Verizon. Amazon has a wide range of flagship devices, mid-range, and budget devices which are available unlocked. Buying them allows you to use your own SIM card and service of your choice.

eBay is a good source for buying used phones. If you're on a tight budget and don't need the latest and greatest, a used phone is a good way to save some money. On eBay you can find many used phones being sold. Sellers have to upload photos and should also list the condition the device is in. Other options for used phones include Swappa, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and pawn shops.

There are 2 main ways to sell used phones: online and in person. But for this article, we will focus on the latter. While there are online sites that offer instant purchases, in-person transactions are faster. It allows you to sell your phone faster and get paid on the spot.

RadioShack also offers in-store and online trade-in programs for used cell phones. You can have your phone appraised online or in-store. If you want an immediate transaction, sell your cell phone in-store.

Yes, you can. Online and local stores that buy phones accept even old models. It may not have the same worth as newer models, but you can still sell it at a good price, especially if your old flip phone is still in good condition.

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Finally, I found a great deal on a refurbished Google Pixel 6 at Walmart for $279.97. The best deal I found on a brand new device was at eBay for $379. Swappa offered the same phone for $200-$258, but keep in mind that phones sold on this site will be used.

Every listing on Swappa is reviewed and approved by a team that checks verification photos, serial numbers, criteria compliance and seller history. You can browse the approved listings for phones in fair, good and mint conditions.

When I compared prices on unlocked phones in February 2023, Newegg offered the lowest prices on a Samsung Galaxy A53 behind only eBay and Swappa. For this reason, I recommend checking out Newegg before deciding where to buy an unlocked smartphone.

Whether you have a Cell Tech store near you or not, you can drop off or mail in your used iPhone for a cash offer. They buy iPhones and other cell phones that have broken screens, charge-port problems, water damage, or other issues.

SaveGadget makes it very easy to evaluate the value of your broken iPhone and other devices. They buy cracked, broken, and even liquid-damaged cell phones and provide you with a free shipping label. After they receive your iPhone, you will receive your money quickly within two days via check, PayPal, or Bitcoin.

If you are looking for a quick payout and an in-person exchange, you can check retail store websites to see what level of damage they will accept. The following stores all have websites you can get quotes from:

This article was co-authored by Mobile Kangaroo. Mobile Kangaroo is a full service repair shop and Apple Authorized Service Provider headquartered in Mountain View, CA. Mobile Kangaroo has been repairing electronic devices such as computers, phones, and tablets, for over 19 years, with locations in over 20 cities.There are 10 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 170,232 times.

Other terms: No annual svc. contracts. Offers/coverage not avail. everywhere or for all phones/networks. All prices, offers, fees, and features subject to change. Prohibited network use rules & other restrictions apply. See boostmobile.c

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