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Stenographer Book In Hindi ((BETTER)) Download

Stenographer Book in Hindi Download: Learn Hindi Shorthand in Easy Steps

Stenography is the skill of writing in shorthand, a system of symbols that represent words or sounds. Stenography is useful for taking notes, recording speeches, dictating letters, and transcribing audio or video. Stenographers are in high demand in various fields such as journalism, law, administration, and education.

stenographer book in hindi download

If you want to learn stenography in Hindi, you will need a good book that teaches you the basics of Hindi shorthand, also known as Manak Ashulipi. There are many books available online and offline, but some of them are outdated, incomplete, or expensive. To help you find the best stenographer book in Hindi download, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular and reliable sources.

Hindi Stenography Book PDF Manak Ashulipi Free

This book is published by the Central Hindi Training Institute, an official website of the Government of India. It is a comprehensive and free book that covers all the aspects of Hindi stenography, such as alphabets, vowels, consonants, words, phrases, sentences, punctuation, and speed practice. The book also provides exercises and answers for self-evaluation. You can download this book from the link below:

Book Link: Manak Ashulipi PDF in Hindi[^2^]

Hindi Stenography Free E-book Stenography in Hindi ebook PDF

This book is provided by, a website that offers study material for various competitive exams. It is a free and easy-to-understand book that teaches you how to write stenography in Hindi for SSC Stenographer exam. The book also includes tips and tricks to improve your speed and accuracy. You can download this book from the link below:

Book Link: Hindi Stenography Free E-book[^1^]

Download hindi shorthand book pdf for stenographer exam

This book is offered by, a website that provides free ebooks in Hindi on various topics. It is a simple and concise book that introduces you to the basics of hindi shorthand for stenographer exam. The book also contains a dictionary of hindi shorthand symbols and words. You can download this book from the link below:

Book Link: Download hindi shorthand book pdf[^3^]


Stenography is a valuable skill that can open up many opportunities for you. If you want to learn stenography in Hindi, you will need a good book that guides you through the process. The books mentioned above are some of the best stenographer books in Hindi download that you can find online. They are free, easy to access, and suitable for beginners as well as advanced learners. So what are you waiting for? Download your favorite book today and start learning hindi shorthand!

How to Learn Stenography in Hindi

Learning stenography in Hindi is not very difficult if you follow some basic steps. Here are some tips to help you learn hindi shorthand effectively:

  • Choose a good book that teaches you the rules and symbols of hindi shorthand. You can use any of the books mentioned above or find another one that suits your needs.

  • Practice writing the alphabets, vowels, consonants, and words in shorthand. Try to memorize the symbols and their sounds. Use a notebook or a steno pad to write neatly and clearly.

  • Read and listen to hindi texts and speeches and try to transcribe them in shorthand. You can use newspapers, magazines, books, podcasts, videos, or any other source of hindi content. This will help you improve your listening and writing skills.

  • Review your shorthand notes and compare them with the original texts or speeches. Check for any errors or mistakes and correct them. You can also use a dictionary or a software to verify your shorthand symbols and words.

  • Test your speed and accuracy by taking mock exams or timed tests. You can use online platforms or apps that provide stenography tests in hindi. You can also join a stenography course or a coaching center that prepares you for stenographer exams.

Benefits of Stenography in Hindi

Stenography in Hindi has many benefits for your personal and professional growth. Here are some of the advantages of learning hindi shorthand:

  • It enhances your communication skills and makes you more confident and fluent in hindi.

  • It increases your productivity and efficiency as you can write faster and more accurately than typing or writing by hand.

  • It improves your memory and concentration as you have to pay attention to every word and sound while writing in shorthand.

  • It opens up many career opportunities for you as stenographers are required in various sectors such as government, judiciary, media, education, and business.

  • It gives you an edge over others as stenography is a rare and valuable skill that not many people have.


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