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Best Place To Buy Affordable Mattress

We first tested the Green Tea Memory Foam in 2018, when we compared it against pricier beds for our guide to the best foam mattresses. We included it as a budget pick in that guide because it felt cushy but sturdy for the price, and for a long time it was the best inexpensive foam mattress we could find. More recently, the company updated the Green Tea Memory Foam to make it feel significantly firmer. The result is an all-foam mattress that feels supportive with a dense, slightly conforming memory-foam top.

best place to buy affordable mattress

We started researching cheap mattresses in 2020, focusing on mattresses that cost less than $400 for a queen. Due to the pandemic, we had to adapt our testing: Instead of setting up the mattresses and inviting staffers to try them out in a brand-concealed group test, writer Justin Redman evaluated them on his own. He tried 10 mattresses that met our criteria and narrowed the list down to five of his top-ranked mattresses to sleep-test at home. After sleeping on each mattress for at least a week, he concluded that the Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Mattress, the Zinus Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid Mattress, and the Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress were the best cheap mattresses available at the time.

Many share the misconception that a high-quality mattress will cost you thousands of dollars. This may be true for some models, but budget-friendly beds are also widely available. Despite affordable price-points, these mattresses offer the same high-quality materials and strong performance as many of their more expensive counterparts.

The Leesa Studio is a memory foam mattress that is affordable and practical. An all-foam design and true medium firm (6) feel should appeal to many people regardless of weight or sleep position, making the mattress well-suited to guest rooms and combination sleepers.

Buying a cheap mattress online is a fairly straightforward process. First, research affordable mattress options by comparing different brands and models. After narrowing down your final picks, review product materials and specs to see which model offers the right firmness, comfort, and support. To purchase a mattress model, simply select the desired size from its product page and follow the checkout instructions.

Costs: If the warranty is non-prorated, then owners do not pay for repairs and replacements of defective mattresses, though you may need to cover shipping and transportation charges for sending the mattress to the manufacturer for defect inspection.

If the warranty is prorated, then you must pay a certain percentage of the original mattress price to replace your bed with a non-defective model. This percentage typically increases on an annual basis. For example, a 20-year warranty with 10 years of non-prorated coverage will become prorated in year 11, when owners typically need to pay 55 percent of the original price (or 5 percent for each year of ownership) to replace their mattress. In year 12, they will pay 60 percent. This rate increase will continue until the warranty expires.

Steady Cooling: Innerspring coil layers promote strong air circulation. As air travels through the interior of the mattress, it will regulate the overall temperature and help you stay comfortable. And because most innersprings conform very little, testers experience less sinking and more surface cooling. Innersprings are usually quite affordable, with an average price-point of $900 to $1,100.

Our unbiased review of the best mattresses for shoppers on a budget was compiled by our 360 Reviews team which does not accept samples, gifts, or products on loan. To create our mattress ratings, we drew upon our analysis of more than 340 mattresses from 32 companies.

To determine the Best Budget Mattresses of 2023, we looked at the most affordable mattresses in our Best Mattresses of 2023 ratings. Only the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress met the requirement of costing less than $700 for a queen-size mattress. The Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress costs about $200 for the 6-inch version and up to around $400 for a 12-inch queen mattress. Even the 12-inch king-size model falls under the $700 bar, costing just $408.

Some materials generally cost more. All-foam mattresses tend to be cheaper than hybrids, which contain both foam and springs. If you want the feel and support of springs, you might not want to shop based on price alone. Also, because foam has a tendency to retain heat, an all-foam mattress might not be a good choice if you tend to get hot at night. The good news is that hybrids can also be affordable mattresses. Our Best Lower-Priced Mattresses rating features two hybrid mattresses priced under $1,200 for a queen.

3. Sleep style: When considering firmness, also think about your sleep style. Different sleeping positions require different levels of support in order to keep the spine aligned. Generally speaking, back sleepers and stomach sleepers in particular fare best on a firmer mattress while side sleepers do better with a softer mattress.

Mattress sales occur on a regular basis. Keep in mind that some brands offer lower prices more frequently than others. Almost all mattress brands offer the best savings during the following sales events:

You can save significantly on your new mattress by watching for a mattress sale. In general, the best affordable mattresses become an even better value during three-day holiday weekends and major shopping events, such as Black Friday.

The best cheap mattress-in-a-box is similar to the best cheap memory foam mattress, but with one major difference: Mattresses in a box can be hybrid mattresses (a mattress that combines foam layers with springs) too. The best beds-in-a-box have supportive foam layers and possibly a coil layer, depending on your preferences.

The best cheap hybrid mattresses combine one or more layers of comfort foams with a layer of individually wrapped coils. The foam provides contouring support and pressure relief, while the coil base gives more targeted support and promotes airflow, which is good for hot sleepers.

One of the most affordable types of mattress tends to be innerspring. While this type of mattress is easy on the wallet, you might not get as many years out of it compared with a higher quality mattress. Innerspring mattresses have the tendency to sag or become lumpy.

The best type of affordable mattress depends on your sleeping style and comfort preferences. Look for a foam mattress if you prioritize pressure relief and motion isolation. Latex is typically bouncier than memory foam, but also more expensive. If you want more support, opt for a hybrid mattress.

Keep your kiddo sleeping soundly and comfortably with this medium gel memory foam mattress. Combining a gel-infused top layer that conforms to the body with a supportive base that keeps the spine aligned, this mattress promotes healthy, deep sleep that is sure to have your little one rise and shine feeling refreshed. Its waterproof cover keeps it protected from spills and accidents at night, and a rubberized non-slip backing keeps it in place through roughhousing and jumping on the bed.

The best cheap mattresses today are designed to help you sleep soundly without putting too much of a dent in your bank balance. Trickle-down technology and an ultra-competitive marketplace means there are some really good-quality options around in the budget price bracket these days. There are also some rubbish mattresses that you should avoid all costs.

Our team of expert testers has reviewed a load of models from across the market, so we have plenty of experience when it comes to discerning which low-cost mattress is worth your hard-earned cash. You'll recognize some of these brands from our best mattress guide, while others come from smaller companies you may not have heard of but are well-rated by existing customers.

Sitting at the top of our best cheap mattress ranking is the Allswell. As you might expect from Walmart's own bed-in-a-box brand, this offers a lot for a very affordable price (all the more impressive because this is a hybrid mattress with springs, and those are typically more expensive than all-foam models). At full price, a queen comes in at $379, and if you sign up to SMS alerts you can knock 15% off that.

We haven't had a chance to test it out yet, but the reviews are extremely positive. As of spring 2023, this mattress has an average of 4.4* out of 5 based on 3900 reviews. Multiple customers praise motion isolation, saying this mattress absorbs movements well. This is key if you're a light sleeper and/or share a bed with a wriggler. Comments also suggest those cooling features work well, with most agreeing that the Allswell Mattress does a great job when it comes to temperature regulation. However, if you know you struggle with overheating at night, it might be worth investing in one of the best cooling mattresses instead.

With a queen size usually coming in under $330, we'd put this mattress in the cheap-and-cheerful category. If you can stretch to spending a bit more, we'd say either of the above models at #1 and #2 represent a step up in quality (although both are on the firmer side, so those seeking plush softness may be better off staying with the Lucid). That's reflected in the extras; you won't get a sleep trial here, so you'll need to be mindful of the returns policy from whichever store you purchase it (it's available from places like Amazon, Home Depot and Walmart).

Despite those concerns, the Lucid 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a customer favorite over at Amazon (it's often considered amongst the best mattresses on Amazon). As of January 2023, it boasts a 4.5 out of 5 star rating from over 18,000 reviews. You'll be making some concessions here for the low price, but it also has a lot going for it when it comes to appeasing most types of sleepers. If you need to replace a mattress right away, it could be a serviceable stopgap in between something more long-lasting. 041b061a72

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