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Chariton Ustinov
Chariton Ustinov

[S4E9] Poking The Bear _VERIFIED_

Vandal Savage was a Homo sapiens born around 50,000 years ago near what is now Western Mongolia.[18] One night, when he was 44 years old,[7] he saw a meteor plummeting from the sky and felt drawn to the "Sky Fire" emanating from the fallen meteorite. Savage ran towards it, but on his way, he was attacked by a cave bear. Fueled with the purpose of reaching the meteorite, Savage found the inner strength to kill the beast and the feeling of victory was godlike. However, he did not leave unscathed, as the bear left three deep cuts across his face. Savage finally made his way to the source of the Sky Fire, but as he reached to touch the glowing meteorite, he was ambushed and impaled by a tribe of Neanderthals who were also drawn to the rock. As he laid dying, the radiation of the meteorite turned him into the first meta-human on Earth, healing his wounds. Savage struck back and subdued the tribe with his new-found might. In time, Homo sapiens eventually outnumbered and drove the Homo neanderthalensis to extinction.[3] As a side effect to his accelerated healing, Savage is in a permanent state of cellular regeneration, resulting in a preternatural longevity.

[S4E9] Poking the Bear

Over the following centuries, Savage adopted different aliases, some of which went down in history, such as Marduk, Sun Tzu,[4] Atilla the Hun, Genghis Khan, and Blackbeard the Pirate.[5] As Sun Tzu, he wrote The Art of War.[3]

As Savage was storing the remains of Starro in a stasis chamber, Cassandra lauded her father's accomplishment and Olympia declared that she would record this new chapter immediately. Savage reminded Olympia that his story must not be recorded, because he had millennia long-term plans that he couldn't risk being revealed. He asked her why she liked the chapter about his encounter with the bear so much, and as she explained that it was a defining moment in his story, Savage snapped her neck and laid her on the floor. He told Cassandra to arrange for a funeral worthy of the Gods, as any daughter of Vandal Savage deserved.[3]

On the most recent episode of the "Drama Queens" podcast, titled "And the Award Goes To...," the hosts discuss Season 4, Episode 9 of "One Tree Hill," "Some You Give Away." They speak a lot about how they think it's one of the best episodes the show did, but Hilarie Burton Morgan mainly focused on her character's relationship with Chad Michael Murray's. She explained, "Chad and I, behind the scenes, would squabble early on in our series. Everyone knows I was mean to Chad. I was really rough on him, and I would poke the bear and be like, 'Oh, what are you gonna do about it?' because I'm an antagonistic person."

I also liked how it was decided that the father would stay safely in the cabin (to sleep?) while all of the expendable characters went out to face the bear. One can only wonder if this was the desire of the production crew, the children or the slightly less expendable father.

Prometheus puts a block of ice into an igloo, and then tells Bob to crawl into it. However, he gets distracted by Monkey licking icicles hanging from Prometheus's saucer and then tries to lick it, but his tongue gets stuck. As Bob tries to free himself, he pulls off one of the legs holding the saucer. Next, Bob's tongue is still stuck to the saucer, until Prometheus pours hot water onto it to free it. Prometheus tells Bob to pick up the fallen leg for his saucer, until Bob licks it and gets his tongue caught on it. Prometheus does not have any more hot water, so he goes into the igloo for more, as Monkey hands him an empty cup. Prometheus chases Monkey out of the igloo, but gets a snowball to the head as his hat comes off. Then, Prometheus gets another snowball to the head. Bob tries to cheer him up, but he is in no mood, as he goes back into the igloo, as Monkey (wearing Prometheus's hat) tosses a snowball in behind him. Suddenly, Bob and Monkey hear a growl, until Bob throws a snowball at the approaching creature, which just so happens to be a polar bear! Monkey screeches and goes into the igloo, as the polar bear attacks him and Prometheus. Shortly after, Prometheus and Bob are ready to trap the polar bear in a cage when it comes out of the igloo. Monkey opens up the curtain of the igloo in an attempt to fake out the polar bear, but as it comes out of the igloo, Bob forgets to lower his part of the cage and it gets loose. Monkey lures the polar bear into Prometheus's saucer, before it goes airborne and destroys the camera. Finally, Bob has Prometheus's remote control stuck to his tongue, before throwing a snowball at the camera to destroy it yet again.

The never ending treasure trove of D.J.'s attic brought out another callback to Full House's charitable telethon episode that closed out Season 3. D.J. came across the lollipop that she used during her completely random musical number with Michelle and a shopping cart full of junk. Teen D.J. looked adult enough to pass for Murphy Brown, all while antithetically singing a twee ditty about gummy bears and lollipops being her favorite treat. If only they'd held onto the entire shopping cart.

For an in-closing reference that wasn't strong enough to get its own entry, Episode 10 featured Joey reminding D.J. that Danny doesn't like people poking around in his room when he's not there. That didn't have anything to do with the present moment, given that it's been D.J.'s room for years, but it was a subtle reference the Full House Season 4 episode ("The Hole-In-The-Wall Gang") where D.J. and Stephanie tried to hide a giant hole they accidentally poked in the bedroom wall. Hope you had fun remembering the days of Tanner yore.

Inspired by one of Jerry Seinfeld's personal experiences, this episode finds Jerry on a date with a woman who refuses to taste a piece of pie and won't say why. The episode introduces guest character Poppie (played by Reni Santoni), an emphatic restaurant owner with questionable hygiene. Also featured in the episode is a mannequin that bears a striking resemblance to Elaine.

David: Very, very well together, but I think very few organizations, especially new organizations do that today. Now, there may be a story when we get into bears about the famous quote that we talked about here all the time, The Two Ways to Make Money in Business Bundling and Unbundling.

Featured tonight are a 5-year-old girl who was trapped in a crushed car with just her hand poking from the wreckage; an ambulanceman who has to overcome his own fear of heights to save a casualty 100 feet up a radio mast; and a young man who survived underground for four hours in a 22-inch sewer pipe.

Tonight, the school diving trip to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands that almost ended in disaster; the airship on a test flight which crashed into the top of a tree and ended up resting on branches not strong enough to bear its weight; and the inspired use of a fork-lift truck to release a cyclist pinned under a 38-tonne lorry. 041b061a72

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