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Buy Cell Phone Cases

Keep your device by your side and go hands-free with the new Crossbody Phone Chain. Available in multiple fun colors and designs, durable chain attaches to your phone case so you can enjoy stylish and convenient of hands-free living.

buy cell phone cases

The Phone Belt Bag is made to move so you can have your phone, keys, wallet, and more by your side. Walk your dog, grab some coffee, or roam the town with everything you need only a zipper away. Toss it on and prepare for your next adventure!

Who has time to go to an actual store in 2022? These days, the most unique phone cases are hidden across a wide landscape of ecommerce shops, tucked away like little pots of gold waiting to be discovered. Once you do a little digging, you'll uncover a range of customizable, stylish, and incredibly protective cases offered by many of the top phone case brands.

When you shop online, you get to decide what features matter most to you. "Unique" to you may mean finding the best eco friendly phone cases whereas to someone else, it may look like dressing their device up like a banana. We're here for it. Ready to find your next special case? Use the following links to choose where you'd like to start your journey.

If you haven't heard of Etsy, well, it's time you head over to this magical unicorn website. Their phone cases are 100% unique and made by independent artists. Because so many creatives use this online global marketplace to sell their products, you'll find heaps of phone cases printed with vivacious patterns and original artwork.

Why buy from Etsy: If you're more of a window shopper by nature, there's no shortage of cute cell phone cases to browse on this site. Want a plastic duck attached to the back of your phone? They have those. Want a personalized iPhone cover with your name on it? Artists are standing by to stylize your initials with gold glitter.

Did you know that a billion plastic phone cases are produced and sold throughout the world every year? Yup. And each of these plastic pieces will be lucky to make it through an entire calendar year before being tossed out in favor of the next stylish iPhone cover. That's why we think it's time to skip the plastic and reach for a truly unique, environmentally friendly Pela case.

Redbubble started in Melbourne, Australia as a dedicated platform for independent artists to sell their unique creations to customers all over the globe. An array of artists who specialize in creating uncommon designs for a wide range of products designed their cases.

Why buy from Society6: Their cases are seriously chic and beautiful! Quality construction is a key value for Society6's makers, so you don't have to worry whether or not their unique mobile cases are capable of keeping your device safe and secure.

If you want a curated selection of fashionable phone cases, Urban Outfitters is standing by to tantalize you with adorable designs. They supply a variety of cute to boot covers for your device that range from monochromatic colors to neon bubble swirls.

Best Buy is a comprehensive online shop for all your tech needs. Although they supply heavy duty tech equipment, they didn't forget to stock up on cute phone cases with ample protection and style. They have a hearty list of brands to choose from so you can quickly sort through their collection based on the operating system of your choice.

If you gotta have the best features for your next iPhone, Best Buy carries some of the most advanced tech cases. Whether it's antimicrobial protection, shock-absorption, non-slip grip, or scratch-proof cases, they have something for every gadget nerd who wants to keep their hardware safe.

Dip your fingers into the pool of luxury phone cases when you cruise through Farfetch's inventory of designer accessories. Their online shop is bursting with high fashion styles that you can buy in order to protect your device with the true sophistication and class it deserves.

There's nothing subtle about these classy phone cases though. You'll find unique leather cases, cases cut from designer cloth and phone covers that look like a quilted blanket. Brands like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Off White and Valentino Garavani weave in their signature logos with eye catching prints and graphics that are truly works of art.

Why buy from Farfetch: Their collection of covers will truly upgrade your phone to the next level. Can't afford the latest iPhone model right now? Just grab a Versace Medusa-motif case and no one will notice elsewise.

They offer heaps of pretty case designs- from cow prints and butterflies to sparkles and metallic marble. You'll probably notice that this company LOVES to create matching sets so you can shop for airpod cases, grip rings and charms that all pair with your device.

Drop into a field of puffy eye candy created by Urban Sophistication. Imagined by sibling duo Neta and Elad Yam, each of their products were created as conversation pieces. Slap one of their puffer jacket cases over your device and let your iPhone do the talking. You may even meet a new friend or two.

If you're a city slicker at heart, Kate Spade offers some of the cutest protection for your iPhone. These unique cell phone cases are brightly colored and feature original designs depicting New York City, polka dots, summer cocktails and good old fashioned glitter.

Would you like your next phone case to include a space for your wallet cards? Smartish created a noteable line of "Wallet Slayer" cases that are unique in their ability to hold three credit cards without getting stretched out over time. Perfect if you're trying to downsize the amount of things you're carrying at one time.

Based out of Brooklyn, NYC, Casely was invented by siblings Mark and Emily Stallings. Their mission was to launch the first phone case subscription service. With art at its core philosophy, the company has hundreds of original case designs that are truly fashion forward.

No phone case list would be complete without mentioning Otterbox. These folks consistently develop top-tier protection for both iPhones and Androids alike. Their cases include unique features like silver-based antimicrobial additives, secure grips, and strong polycarbonate and rubber backing for safe drops.

Tech21 has spent the last 15 years refining their inventory in order to bring you the best tech on the market. They're not interested in making a show out of it, they just want to design cases that will prevent iphones from shattering on the bathroom floor.

Burga has a collection of cute phone cases that are uniquely reminiscent of nature. Their protective covers remind us of beachy waves and summer picnics in the garden. It makes perfect sense since part of the brand's mission is to "add a pinch of sunshine to a cloudy day".

Want a beautiful case that takes good care of your cell? Case Mate makes thoughtful and stylish products that will sparkle as they save your iPhone from a 10 foot drop. Say goodbye to broken screens with their beautiful technology.

If you're looking for cute phone cases that are as close to free as possible, Shein has hundreds of options that are less than five bucks a piece. If you're someone who loves picking up the cheapest option possible, be aware that these covers may not come with the reputable protection that so many other websites offer.

Now that we've listed out the best online shops to buy unique cell phone cases, we're going to take this post one step further and guide you directly to a few hidden gems you won't want to miss in your search. These cases are winners, so don't wait to snatch one of these beauties up for yourself!

These stunning cases pay tribute to some of the gorgeous scenes and landscapes that Japan has to offer. Select either cherry blossoms or hill and carry around a little piece of the country's beauty wherever you bring your iPhone.

Best feature: This unique phone case is perfect if you're looking for a semi-clear cover that still allows you to see your iPhone's original color. Note: Sorry Android lovers, these gorgeous cases are only designed for iPhones.

We hope this article helps you on your quest to find the most unique case designs out there. If you're still not sure which site to buy your next case from, spend time checking out the values of each company you're interested in. Is their packaging recyclable? Do they donate a portion of their sales to any non-profits? Are their cases made from plastics that will end up in a landfill someday? Ask as many questions as you need to feel good about your next purchase.

The verdict is in. Plastic smartphone cases are destroying our planet. If you're still using a plastic case, it's time for an upgrade! Here are 14 reasons why we think plastic just doesn't cut it when it comes to phone cases.

Your phone is an extension of your personality. The apps you choose reflect your daily priorities, and how you place them offers a window into how your mind works. Because you access your device dozens of times each day, we think your phone case should also reflect your style.

adidas is a global leader in the sporting goods industry, offering a broad portfolio of footwear, apparel and hardware for sport and lifestyle. TLF is a company with passion for protective mobile device accessories. Looking for a phone case in store? Then hit the explore button now.

Just bought a new cell phone? Buy a new phone case for protection, too. It's also an easy way to make an old phone feel new again. A good phone case does more than safeguard your phone's screen and technology. It showcases your style. How do you know which smartphone case to choose though? Familiarize yourself with all of the different case types.

Universal phone cases can fit many different phone sizes and screen designs. There are as many universal phone case styles as there are phones. Choose from nylon pouches, sleeves or small wallets. Hard cases are designed to fit specific cell phone models and sizes. They can stand up to drops and slips without adding too much bulk. Many hard cases also have a "grip" feature to help you hold on to your phone. Then there are flexible gel and silicone phone cases. A gel case is great for basic protection. It's slim and stylish but tends to lack coverage around the phone's lip, corners, and mouthpiece. If you're not one to drop things, then a slim case might be best for you. Add a screen protector to defend against scratches and you're all set. 041b061a72

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