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Jurassic Park Aftermath Download __EXCLUSIVE__


Jurassic World Aftermath isn't just stealth gameplay for the hell of it though. There's a fairly intriguing story at its center, one that allows you to slowly learn about the complicated career of your remote companion. Dr. Mia Everett claims she became a geneticist to make the world a better place, but her five years working at the park made her hungry for recognition and caused her to have a fallout with Dr. Henry Wu, who appears via flashback recordings (voiced by film franchise co-star B.D. Wong) and also has a part to play in the present day mission. It's not exactly the most compelling or intricate story, but it adds a layer of purpose to the proceedings. Plus, you'll get to hear the voice of Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm, which is always welcome, and his place in the game will be even bigger in the forthcoming second part that will arrive as downloadable content sometime in 2021.

They should have ditched the jurassic park license then used the extra development funds to make a more involved game. It could have been exactly the same (just remove the words jurrasic park) with a few better mechanics and then it would be worth the price. 153554b96e

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