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Effect Of Premarital Sex ((BETTER))

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Youth who begin early pre-marital sexual activity are more likely to be engaged in unsafe sex. Early sexual debut puts them at increased risk for acquiring or transmitting sexually transmitted infections, including HIV; and makes them highly vulnerable to unwanted pregnancy and its consequences. This study was conducted to assess premarital sexual practices and its predictors among in-school youths in North West Ethiopia.

A cross-sectional study was carried among 826 in school youths from December; 2011 to January; 2012 in Shendi town. A multistage sampling technique was used to select the study participants. Binary and multiple logistic regression analyses were performed to examine the relationship between premarital sexual practices and selected exposure variables.

Nearly one fifth 157 (19%) of the participants reported having had premarital sexual intercourse, of which 91 (22.7%) were males and 66 (15.5%) were females. The mean (SD) age at first sexual intercourse was 16 .48 (1.59) for males and 15.89 (1.68) for females. More than three - fourth of sexually active in-school youths engaged in premarital sexual relationship before celebrating their 18th birthday. Being greater than 20 years (AOR = 3.67; 95% CI = 1.98, 6.82), living with friends or relatives (AOR = 2.47; 95% CI = 1.46, 4.16), living alone (without parental control (AOR = 2.51; 95% CI = 1.38, 4.55) and watching pornographic movies (AOR = 1.73; 95% CI = 1.18, 2.53) were found to be significantly associated with premarital sexual practices.

A significant number of in-school youths had started premarital sexual activity that might predispose them to different sexual and reproductive health risks. Therefore, various efforts need to be initiated through school-based information, education, and behavioral change communication, interventions, such as life skills education and negotiation.

Early sexual debut increases young peoples' risk for infection with HIV and other STIs. Youth who begin early sexual activity are more likely to be exposed to high-risk sex, often having multiple partners and revealed that premarital sexual practices range from 11.8% to 23.2% among in-school youths.

According to the 2005 Ethiopian behavioral surveillance survey, the prevalence of premarital sexual practices among in-school youths in Amhara Region was 4.5% [4]. Moreover, different studies conducted afterwards in the region showed that premarital sexual practices among in-school youth are increasing. With the higher level of HIV infection and poorer sexual and reproductive health outcomes among youths [5, 6], it is crucial to identify the determinants of sexual activity to inform policy makers and local program managers. However, in-school youth premarital sexual practice and its related health effects were not dealt in-depth within the study area. Besides, most youths in secondary education in Shendi town are living far apart from their families and in an environment away from home without the usual familial control. Therefore, studying premarital sexual practices and its predictors is an essential issue. Thus, this study tried to explore premarital sexual practices and associated factors among in-school youths in Shendi town of North West Ethiopia.

A cross-sectional study with quantitative and qualitative data collection methods was conducted from December 2011 to January 2012 to assess the prevalence of premarital sex and associated sexual and reproductive health risks among in-school youths of Shendi town, West Gojjam Zone, Amhara National Regional State, Ethiopia. The town is located 427 kilo meters to the North West of Addis Ababa. There are 2 high schools in the town - Dejazemach Bekele high school and Mekonnen Shendi preparatory school.

Sample size was calculated using a single population proportion formula based on the assumptions of 20.2% prevalence (P) of premarital sex among in-school youths in Injibara town of Awi zone [5], a 95% confidence level (Za/2), a 4% margin o

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