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Buy Zo Medical Products Online

ZO Skin Health provides products and customizable programs that offer comprehensive and continuous skin health solutions for all individuals, regardless of age, gender, skin color, skin type or skin condition, to create healthy skin for life.

O Blemishbright Blemish Clearing Treatment (15ml) is a product from the line of cosmeceutical products that are intended for a holistic approach to skin health. ZO Blemishbright Blemish Clearing Treatment manufacturer is ZO Skin Health, Inc., a company located in the USA and focused on comprehensive skin treatment and skin health as an overarching goal. ZO Blemishbright has a dual function: it treats and reduces the visibility of current breakout areas and pimples and removes skin pigmentation after past breakouts.

Particular adverse effects of the product are currently not known. However, before use, consult a dermatologist. Do not use the product if you have an allergy to any active or auxiliary substance in the product (salicylic acid, soy products, etc.), since it may cause an allergic reaction.

You can buy ZO Blemishbright Blemish Clearing Treatment online without a prescription and use it at home when needed. But consultations with your facialist will help you achieve the best possible treatment effect. The product is developed as a solution that congeals after application, so for your convenience, it is packaged into tubes with roller applicators. To apply the product, cleanse your skin with your cleansing product of choice and dry the skin with a towel or tissues. Remove the cap from the tube, squeeze the tube and roll the roller gently over the inflammation spots. A thin layer of the product will be left on the skin. The solution on your skin will then begin to solidify and dry, thus forming a thin film-like patch. Under the patch, the active ingredients will work to reduce inflammation and pigmentation. On the outside, the visibility of acne blemishes will be reduced. You can apply light makeup over the patch if necessary. After the product application, take care to clean the rollers by wiping them with tissues. It will prevent the growth of bacteria on the roller surface and will reduce the possibility of rollers sticking to the tube and blocking the product application.

Please mind that the products are intended for use only directly by or under supervision of professional healthcare providers. Before you purchase the product from a verified ZO Blemishbright Blemish Clearing Treatment supplier, please have a consultation with an aesthetician or dermatologist and closely follow their instructions on how to use the product for the maximum effect.

After the treatment course is over, the pigment spots from previous acne breakouts are reduced, and this skin-brightening effect is permanent. Acne blemishes in the inflammation stage are healed. However, this product alone cannot ensure the absence of breakouts in the future. It treats only the blemishes that are visible on the skin already (and so the product can come into immediate contact with them). For prevention of breakouts or reduction of their scale, a complex treatment including several cosmeceutical and medical products is required, under close supervision of a healthcare provider.

To achieve the desired result, every treatment course should be discussed with a medical specialist who will identify the degree of damage and will develop an individual treatment schedule. In the course of treatment, the medical evaluation of the progress is desirable, in order to adjust the treatment and get the most of the product potential.

The product was developed by medical researchers and clinicians in conjunction with experienced dermatologists. The solution includes top-quality ingredients only and is dermatologically tested, while ZO Blemishbright Blemish Clearing Treatment cost is reasonably affordable. Its action is limited only by its specification (acne treatment and reduction of pigmentation)

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