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Chariton Ustinov
Chariton Ustinov

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The X-Files directly inspired other TV series, including Strange World,[281][299] The Burning Zone,[300] Special Unit 2,[301] Mysterious Ways,[302] Lost,[303] Dark Skies,[301][304] The Visitor,[281] Fringe,[301][305] Warehouse 13,[301] Supernatural,[301][306] and Gravity Falls,[307] with key aspects carried over to more standard crime dramas, such as Eleventh Hour[301][308] and Bones.[309] The influence can be seen on other levels: television series such as Lost developed their own complex mythologies.[303] In terms of characterization, the role of Dana Scully was seen as innovative, changing "how women [on television] were not just perceived but behaved" and perhaps influencing the portrayal of other "strong women" investigators.[59] Russell T Davies said The X-Files had been an inspiration on his series Torchwood, describing it as "dark, wild and sexy... The X-Files meets This Life".[310][311] Other shows have been influenced by the tone and mood of The X-Files. For example, Buffy the Vampire Slayer drew from the mood and coloring of The X-Files, as well as from its occasional blend of horror and humor; creator Joss Whedon described his show as "a cross between The X-Files and My So-Called Life".[312] It also inspired themes in video games Deus Ex[313] and Perfect Dark.[314]

Crime Archives - myflixer

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