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Go Get Em Magical Girl Toko Akai LINK

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Go Get Em Magical Girl Toko Akai LINK

There is a fourth route exclusive to the PSP called Akai Toki. In this route, Kei falls in love with the leader of the twins Milkage and Nozomi, and learns that the true evil is her own blood. In the vein of Tokyo Babel, there are moments where it comes across as very gory as Kei is slowly drained of blood to the point that her veins fall off. Why are these two routes only for the PSP, you ask Well, because were going to talk about Aki Toki, and we all know how much I love those games.

Ah, yes, Aki Toki. While the story is very similar to the novels, most fans dont really mind. Its sort of a sequel to The Garden of Sinners, except that its not as nice. The story revolves around Keis friendship with Milkage and Nozomi and how she finds out about her fathers blood and magical ability.

While overall quite good, there are a few minor problems with Akai Itos story. A few things dont make sense, like why does Tsukasa appear so angry towards Kei, yet he appears to put up with his and Yumeis abuse Kei and Tsukasa give each other some very serious affection at the beginning, yet Tsukasa never seems to acknowledge this. And a few characters seem to be a bit exaggerated, for example, Junichirou and Yumeis sister Juni goes from completely ignored to very important in a very short amount of time. Also, the ending doesnt seem to have a very satisfying conclusion. At first, I thought that Keis dream would be the answer, but its more akin to the games equivalent of sleep paralysis.

While a little bit of the (mostly) quirkiness on the voice acting, the characters voices, and the facial expressions really hit the mark, the rest is just not up to par. The writing is extremely poor (by par, I mean, even worse than the abysmal Shuffle!!), and a couple of characters are way too annoying (like the snotty prince in Uzukis route), and the animation is just nothing special. The story also follows a pretty basic format, with the protagonist facing a lot of obstacles on a quest to get to their destinations, and theres nothing in its way or opposition about. It has its moments, but with the above mentioned flaws, Akai Itos story falls short of what it could have been. However, if you play this with an on-going hard on for Fate, I think this game can be a rewarding and intense experience for you. Thats what I would say about this game. 3d9ccd7d82

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